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Equivalent Diving Qualifications from Different Bodies

There are many different bodies around the world which award diving qualifications. This table gives a rough guide to equivalent qualifications. It is only a guide though: the qualifications are not exactly equivalent. Please contact your chosen diving agency for their definitive crossover requirements.

BSACOcean DiverOcean DiverSports DiverDive LeaderAdvanced DiverClub InstructorOpen Water InstructorAdvanced Instructor
PADIOpen Water DiverAdvanced Open Water DiverRescue DiverDivemasterInstructor Development CourseInstructor Development CourseInstructor Development Course
CMAS1 Star1 Star2 Star2 Star3 Star1 Star Instructor2 Star Instructor3 Star Instructor
NAUIScuba DiverAdvanced Scuba DiverScuba Rescue DiverDivemaster
SAAOpen Water DiverOpen Water DiverClub DiverDive LeaderDive Supervisor - Dive Master
SSIOpen Water DiverAdvanced Open Water DiverAdvanced Open Water Diver with "Stress and Rescue" SpecialityDive Control Specialist
NASDSOpen Water DiverAdvanced Open Water DiverRescue DiverDive Supervisor
SDIOpen Water DiverAdvanced DiverRescue DiverDivemaster
SSACSports DiverMaster Diver First Class Diver
Royal NavyShips Diver
ITDA2** Star DiverITDA Sports 3***ITDA Rescue Diver ITDA Advanced Diver Resort Instructor 2** STAR Instructor2** STAR Instructor


The above table is by no means exhaustive: there are other training agencies and qualifications. If you plan to cross-over training, you may be asked to start a level down from your equivalent qualification. Ask your new agency for advice.

British Sub-Aqua Club. The BSAC is the governing body for the sport of scuba diving in the UK. It is a club-based organisation that offers training for members through a branch, or intensive courses through a BSAC school.
Professional Association of Diving Instructors. Worldwide organisation headquartered in America.
Confédération Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques (World Underwater Federation of Underwater Activities). Established 1959.
National Association of Underwater Instructors. American based.
Sub-Aqua Association. British organisation.
Scuba Schools International. In the Spring of 1999, SSI merged with the National Association of Scuba Diving Schools.
National Association of Scuba Diving Schools: now merged with SSI.
Scuba Diving International. Created in 1999 and grew out of sister company TDI, which specialises in the more advanced disciplines of technical dive training.
Scottish Sub-Aqua Club. Founded in 1953. Like the BSAC it is a club-based organisation offering thorough training for Scottish conditions.
International Technical Diving Agency.

Recommended Books for Beginners

Sport Diving
The Diving Manual of the British Sub-Aqua Club, Ebury Press, Paperback, 256 pages, (November 1998).
Excellent for beginners.
Available from Amazon.co.uk
The Diving Manual
Circle Books, Paperback, 164 pages, (2002).
Another one from the British Sub-Aqua Club. Aimed at those interested in taking up diving, and written with the forthcoming European Diver Training Standards in mind, besides supporting divers following the BSAC system this generic diving manual will also be useful to divers following other training systems.
Available with 30% off from Amazon.co.uk
NOAA Diving Manual: Diving for Science and Technology, Fourth Edition
James T. Joiner, Best Pub Co, Hardback, 660 pages, (2002).
One of the most detailed diving reference books available and is a valuable resource for all who are interested in a complete encyclopedia of diving technology, equipment, techniques and procedures.
More details at Amazon.com
Available from Amazon.co.uk (but cheaper from Amazon.com)
Scuba Diving
Dennis Graver, Human Kinetics, Paperback, 212 pages, (1999).
We haven't read this one, but it has very good reviews. The author was director of training for the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), designed the PADI modular scuba course and wrote the PADI Dive Manual. During his tenure as director of education for the National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI), Graver wrote the NAUI Openwater I Scuba Diver Course Instructor Guide.
More details, and 20% off, at Amazon.co.uk

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